Bétta + Bonton collaboration bottle

BONTON meets Bétta

Limited-edition by Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle and BONTON.

A collaboration bottle between BONTON and Bétta, a lifestyle brand for children from Paris! The material is made of PPSU (plastic) that is resistant to impact and heat. Convenient to carry! Recommended as a gift.


Doctor Betta Baby Bottle Bonton 120ml
Dr.Betta Baby bottle BONTON 120ml

Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle Brain BONTON 120ml
(¥3,000 no tax)

What's BONTON?

BONTON×Betta collaboration


BONTON was founded in May 2001 by Thomas, the son of Bonpoint founder COHEN, and his wife Irène, a designer. BONTON is a brand that proposes a total lifestyle by creating a space where children can enjoy not only clothes but also toys and books.
The casual yet sophisticated cute design is loved by many BONTON fans around the world.

BONTON (France) https://www.bonton.fr/
BONTON (Japan) https://bonton-japon.jp/