Doctor Betta babybottle Brain Wide Neck KURUMI-CHAN BOTTLE 160ml


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\ Thank You!Bétta tonton 7th Anniversary /
Limited edition baby bottle in collaboration with 'KURUMI-CHAN'. Includes changeable Yellow Cap !

Limited edition baby bottle in collaboration with 'KURUMI-CHAN'

At the beginning of the Showa era (1926-1989), "KURUMI-CHAN with Curly Curls" captured the hearts of many girls and never let go. 'Katsudi Matsumoto', who continued to delightfully depict the daily events woven by KURUMI-CHAN and the world seen through the eyes of an innocent child with a subtle sensibility, must have been showing the dreams that many people wanted to see through KURUMI-CHAN's eyes. I would like to have moms and dads raising their children see it now, beyond the times. With this in mind, we were pleased to use the design drawing to commemorate the 7th anniversary of 'Betta tonton'. This retro-designed baby bottle is filled with the nostalgia and warmth of the Showa era.

Includes changeable cap!

This limited edition bottle comes with a 'yellow cap' for changing the bottle. Just by changing the cap, you can change the mood of the colorful Betta baby bottle. "What color should I choose today? and have fun with it.

Kurumi, also known as a


Representative work by 'Katsudi Matsumoto'.Created in 1938. After the war, the character was serialized in many magazines for 35 years and became widely loved and popular.
Also known as a 'Pioneer of Kawaii' , it is attractive because it combines cuteness with an element of coolness and chic.


Illustrator 'Katsudi Matsumoto' (1904-1986)

Born in Kobe and raised in Tokyo, Katsudi started his career as an illustrator for magazines at the age of 17.
In the beginning of Showa era (1926-1989) girls magazine culture blossomed in Japan and Katsudi made his debut as one of the early romantic-style artists.

Illustration of Kurumi, the originator of

Illustration of Kurumi, the originator of "Kawaii" culture.

Memory carefully hand-drawn to match the illustration

Memory carefully hand-drawn to match the illustration.

Product specifications

Doctor Betta babybottle Brain Wide Neck KURUMI-CHAN BOTTLE 160ml
Product name Doctor Betta babybottle Brain Wide Neck KURUMI-CHAN BOTTLE 160ml
series brain wide neck
Attached nipple cross cut
content Bottle body, cap hood, nipple, changeable cap(Yellow), heart pin, instruction manual
capacity 160ml(maximum capacity 180ml)
Features BPA / BPS Free

● Material / heat resistant temperature

material Heatproof temperature
Bottle PPSU 180℃
cap hood polypropylene 120℃
nipple silicone 120℃

Doctor Betta babybottle

Doctor Betta babybottle

Doctor Betta babybottles are shaped to make it easy for babies to drink milk. The unique 'curve' designed by a pediatrician allows the baby to drink milk in the same natural upright position as when breastfeeding.

You can drink milk with your head upright, which prevents milk from flowing into the ear canal and is safe for your ears. Milk flows smoothly into the esophagus in a natural posture, preventing aspiration. Bubbles escape upward along the curve, reducing swallowing of air and reducing burping.

Feeding posture like breastfeeding →

● Wide Neck BOTTLE

Wide Neck BOTTLEWide Neck BOTTLE

In addition to the advantages of the Doctor Betta baby bottle, such as "safety for the baby's ears + prevention of aspiration + reduction of burping," the Doctor Betta wide neck type is easy to wash, easier to prepare milk, and feels more like a mother's breast to the touch when held in the mouth. In addition, the chubby shape of the bottle provides stability and prevents it from falling over, making it comfortable to use when mixing milk.


● What is PPSU?


PPSU has the highest level of heat resistance and impact resistance for transparent plastics. The heat-resistant temperature of the bottle body is 180℃. Due to its strength, it is a very popular material that is often used in medical equipment. We want to deliver more peace of mind by using proven materials. We entrusted this material with Betta's wish.

Baby Bottle made of PPSU →

'Brain Nipple' designed by a midwife to promote powerful soothers.

Brain Nipple

From drinking nipple to chewing nipple. A nipple designed to look like a mother's breast. Gently stretches like a mommy's nipple and fits in baby's mouth. Encourages powerful sucking just like when drinking from mommy's breast.

Brain Nipple Approximate age in months Brain nipple features →

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