betta matching apron Child height: 95cm

Bétta adult / child matching apron NEW 2022/7/11 release

\ Cooking and helping with mama papa. / It's more fun with "matching aprons" for parents and children!

Bétta's Carry Me! I made an apron using the popular fabric. The sturdy and thick fabric will not stain your clothes when cooking or washing. The simple design makes it easy for both adults and children to wear, and there are no ties or fasteners, and the waist is loose, so it is easy to move around and comfortable to wear.

Price ¥3,190 for adults (¥2,900 excluding tax)
¥2,420 for children (¥2,200 excluding tax) Material : 100% cotton
Size | Hem circumference about 112cm / Length about 80cm for adults
For children 110 ~ 140cm Hem circumference approx. 83cm / Length approx. 56cm

Triangular bandage (included only for children): Head position approx. 54cm / Length approx. 28cm

Matching parent and child

Matching parent and child

Simple design without fasteners

Simple design without fasteners

Wide shoulder straps that do not slip easily

Wide shoulder straps that do not slip easily

Easy to put on and take off

Easy to put on and take off just by putting it on

Loose waist

Loose waist

For adults
For adults: Large diagonal pocket for easy access

Large diagonal pocket for easy access

for children
For children: Easy to put on by yourself Comes with a rubber triangular bandage

Comes with a rubber triangular bandage that can be easily worn by one person

\ with mom, dad and children. / Matching apron that you can enjoy helping together

wearing photo Height: 106cm
wearing photo Height: 110cm
wearing photo Height: 113cm
wearing photo
wearing photo Height: 109cm
wearing photo Height: 102cm

A baby who was drinking milk from a Bétta baby bottle will be helping mom and dad in no time. I want to imitate everything, so I help with cooking and gardening! Cutting, baking, it looks like a fun craft. At times like that, when mama papa is wearing an apron, me too! Me too! It's so cute to see him working hard with his small hands (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)!

Time to do something together, happy time should be more fun if "matching apron"! Now is the time to deepen your bonds with physical contact so that you can enjoy your time as a family more and more. I'm sure the children will eat a lot because the rice you make yourself is delicious!

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