Betta baby bottles Stand (Hinoki) Sales !

\ Betta's baby bottle stand is renewed! /Betta baby bottles Stand (Hinoki)

Eco-friendly baby bottle stand made of Japanese thinned wood and natural wood. Made of Japanese cypress, which drains and repels water well. It is designed to prevent discoloration and stain resistance. It is always kept clean, so both mothers and babies can use it comfortably every day. This eco-friendly baby bottle stand uses forest resources such as thinned wood and wood scraps without wasting anything, and is environmentally friendly for the future of babies.

\ Child care support! Price reduced! /

Price¥4,950(tax-excluded ¥4,500)

【 Material 】
Eco-Friendly Products Using Thinned Wood and Scrap Wood
body: Hinoki Pit cushion (non-slip): urethane resin
Painting (foundation only): Pre-polymer coating

【 Contents 】[ Weight about 192 g ]
pedestal(W 16 × D 16 cm )
5 stand rods
2 large sticks(21 cm)
2 medium bars(16 cm)
1 small stick(12.6 cm)
( Any hole can be used for the rod; assemble to your liking. )