Heat-resistant glass baby bottle G1 series now has a new 280ml bottle for babies who want to drink a lot.

\ New size for G1 series /Doctor Betta babybottle Jewel G1-280ml ( Blue )

'G1', which is sold at a reasonable price so that more people can try Betta, is now joined by a 280 ml bottle that is safe for babies who want to drink a lot.

The memory design depicted on the bottle is inspired by a ribbon. Ribbons have an ancient meaning of ties and bonds, and are said to bind deeply and strongly the love for family and children.

Flexible and beautiful, this ribbon has the power to gently connect people's hearts. It can be used as a gift for a baby shower or for use at home. Made in Japan to support child-rearing.

\ For more people to try it. Challenge Price /

Price¥3,520(tax-excluded ¥3,200)
included | Jewel nipple(Round Hole S)・ Heart pin
Size | 280ml 
Heat Resistance Temperature | 120℃
Material | bottle:Heat Resistant Glass cap hood:polypropylene nipple:silicone

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