Doctor Betta babybottle Brain Wide Neck ROYAL BOTTLE 120ml

\ Long-awaited wide neck glass bottle /Doctor Betta babybottle Brain Wide Neck ROYAL BOTTLE 120ml

The birth of a baby is the wish of everyone in the world. Each family's baby is a precious prince or princess. Its royal existence is the wish of the world, and our mission is to protect and nurture it together.

In 2023, the long-awaited "Dr. Bétta Feeding Bottle," a wide-mouth glass bottle worthy of a prince or princess, was born. The bottle is handmade in a difficult shape while maintaining a heat-resistant temperature, and is a royal bottle with the transparency and luxury of glass, and the curves of the Bétta bottle have been maintained to prevent burping and spitting up.

Price¥4,950(tax excluded ¥4,500)
included | Brain Nipple Wide Neck(Cross Cut)・Heart pin
Size | 120ml(maximum capacity 140ml) 
Heat Resistance Temperature | 120℃
Material | bottle:heat resistant glass cap hood:polypropylene nipple:silicone

\ Handcrafted by Japanese artisans for 21 years /Betta Glass Baby Bottles

Handmade by Japanese craftsmen for 21 years Betta glass baby bottles

Since 2002, BETTA's glass baby bottles have been created and produced by Japanese master craftsmen. This year, a new bottle was born: the Royal Bottle, made with love by the craftsmen who have been making them for 21 years.

Check! Glass baby bottle made by Japanese craftsmen

 Bétta Baby Bottle 

Doctor Betta babybottle Brain Wide Neck ROYAL BOTTLE 120ml
Check!Doctor Betta baby bottle

Brain Wide Neck ROYAL BOTTLE 120ml

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