Betta Carry Me! Mesh New colors 'Block Black'

\ Betta Carry Me! Mesh New colors /'Block Black'

In 2003, Japanese craftsmen and Betta came up with the idea of a sling that can be used from newborn babies and is compact and easy to carry. Among the standards, the block black coloring has been popular since around 2014. The Betta Carry Me, launched in 2022, is also a popular item! Mesh is another popular item. We will sell "Block Black x Mesh" which combines these two popular items.

Cuddling is the best skinship for mom dad baby. Carry Me! Mesh allows you to carry your baby more comfortably and quickly, both at home and on the move. The mesh provides a high degree of closeness between mom and dad, and baby feels safe. Carry Me! is a great choice for babies who are not used to being carried in a baby carrier. We have received many comments from our customers. Babies sweat a lot in the winter under heating. We recommend mesh for all seasons. If you wear Carry Me! under the coat, you can wrap the baby's whole body.

Price¥8,360(tax-excluded ¥7,600)
Ages | Newborn to 2 years old
Adaptation weight | As a guide, for babies up to 11.3 kg
       If the product is to be used for children under 3 kg, consult a physician before use. Material | Body Fabric Cotton 100%
    Mesh Fabric polyester 100%
weight | about 210g
user's manual | 3 languages (Japanese, English and Chinese)

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