Bétta Carry Me! Special Hanger ÉVENT! Let's get a special hanger!

Betta Carry Me! With purchase Let's get a special hanger💖

【Promotion period】
Until 2022/03/17

"Bétta Carry Me!" is quick and easy use when out and about, traveling, etc.
You can hang it on a specialwooden hanger next to your coat to make it a little more stylish, and you won't forget it when you go out!

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Bétta Carry Me ! Special Hanger

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Useful liners&Together with Patchin
Special Price for a set of 3

  • Step 1) Choose your preferred carry me! Long type is also available
  • Step 2) Choose honeycomb liner or cool honeycomb
  • Step 3) Select the "patch" band ※Convenient for keeping small folded slings together

Learn more about the liner

Betta's Sling Carry Me, which can be worn at home or outside in a jiffy! and a breathable honeycomb liner that is also useful in spring and summer, at a special price only available now!

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