Our most popular model, the Brain GF4-240ml, has finally been revived after many customers' requests.

Hoping that more and more customers will continue to use it, we are offering it at the same price as it was when it first debuted! We wish to help mothers and fathers raising children under this covid-19 situation.

Please take a look at the revived our Doctor Betta baby bottle Brain GF4-240ml.

Doctor Betta baby bottle Brain GF4-240ml ¥2,900

Three benefits of the Doctor Betta baby bottle from a pediatrician's idea!
If you are struggling with post-feeding burping, this is a MUST SEE!
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Japanese craftsmen create unique curves
The uniquely curved shape of betta's bottle makes it very difficult to manufacture, and even skilled craftsmen find it difficult to produce this shape out of heat-resistant glass. Let's take a look backstage at the unique baby bottle manufacturing process in downtown Tokyo.