Betta's 2022 Year of the Tiger zodiac baby bottle was introduced in cozre magazine

Betta's popular Ngubetta Carry Me! was introduced in cozre magazine

In the parenting magazine cozre, Betta's 2022 zodiac baby bottle and Betta's popular sling were introduced☆

The zodiac for 2022 next year is the year of the tiger.
It is also being introduced in cozre magazine.

Moms who are expecting a baby in the Year of the Tiger, and cat-loving moms and dads who are raising children, please pick up the 2022-limited Kiss Tilly bottle.

●cozre Magazine -Introduction of Zodiac Baby Bottles

The popular sling Betta Carry me! The new plain color autumn color is also available

●cozre Magazine -Betta Carry Me! New Fall Color

​cozre Parenting Magazine

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