Care with a special brush 3step

doctor betta baby bottle
Clean with a special brush and heart pin for Dr. Bétta baby bottles. 3 easy steps.

How to care for baby bottles and nipples Care with a special brush 3step

If you have the Dr. Bétta baby bottle brush set, you can use the dedicated brushes for each bottle and nipple for easy cleaning! .

  • step 1 Apply detergent to the dedicated brush and wash the baby bottle and nipple
    The white horse hair brush specifically for Dr. Bétta baby bottles has a firm white horse hair that catches dirt from every corner of the curved bottle for clean cleaning.

The nipple brush can clean even the hard-to-clean undersides of nipples and fine grooves. Gently wash while pressing the tip of the nipple with your finger.

Thoroughly clean the hole at the tip of the nipple and the air valve that causes the nipple to collapse with a heart pin. *Poking hard may cause damage.

*It is recommended to remove the detergent from each dedicated brush after use, drain the water and hang it.
  • step 2Rinse thoroughly
    If oil from detergent or milk remains, it will not be possible to keep the baby bottles and nipples clean, leading to deterioration. Please rinse thoroughly.

  • step 3Any disinfection is OK