Celebrate with Doctor Bétta Temari Baby Bottle

Introducing the 2020 Dr. Betta 25th Anniversary Bottle.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Dr. Bétta, the “Temari” baby bottle that expresses the beautiful colors and traditions of “Japan” is now available. Celebrate shrine visits, first festivals, and other traditional Japanese celebrations for the growth and health of your baby with Dr. Bétta's Temari Baby Bottle!



Craftsman-made glass baby bottle

The heat-resistant glass “Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle” is difficult to mass-produce by machine, so it is carefully made by craftsmen. It is a bottle that can be useful from newborns because it is made of a material that is durable and can be used hygienically.


Brain G4-240ml Temari Glass

(¥3,200 + tax)

Glass baby bottles handcrafted one by one by Japanese craftsmen. It is scratch-resistant and hygienic, so it can be used for a long time from the newborn period.


What is Dr. Bétta baby bottle?

A baby bottle designed for the same feeding posture as breast milk

Winner of the Kids Design Award Received the Good Design Award

"Achieving the ideal breastfeeding posture" is the reason for the curve of the Dr. Bétta baby bottle. The Dr. Bétta baby bottle, devised by an American pediatrician, has grown into an even better product through repeated improvements to materials and nipples while sticking to Japanese products. The winning history of the Kids Design Award and the Good Design Award is also a proof of reliable quality.