A sling that allows you to wear a warm outerwear

I would like to introduce a voice from the mother of a girl whose 1st birthday was on New Year's Day 😊

Mom, dad and baby who went to see the first sunrise on their birthday☀️

On cold winter mornings, the baby's outerwear is fluffy and perfect for cold weather🧸

I received a voice that it was convenient at times like that 👏

Of course, there is also the main face-to-face baby carrier, but betta's sling is the easiest to use when you go out for a short time or wear it with winter outerwear 💓 [...]
You can adjust the back depending on how you wear it, so it's easy to fit.

Convenient usage by adjusting the size with a zipper according to the thickness of the outerwear.

please! Please refer to it when going out in winter 😊

@shiho__97 who cooperated with this article 📸

Thank you very much✨

And congratulations on your child's 1st birthday🎂👏