When will I receive notification of my selection?

Winners will be notified by DM (direct mail) on each SNS by September 7, 2022 . We do not accept inquiries about winning or losing.

Is there a cost to participate?

No cost at all.

Can I apply for LINE, Instagram, and Twitter by myself?

Yes, you can apply for all.

If you apply for all three SNS, you may win up to three prizes per person, so please join us.

Can I apply as many times as I want per SNS?

We accept only one application per SNS. If there are multiple applications, they will be treated as one application.

How will I receive notification of winning?

We will deliver it by DM (direct mail) of each SNS. At that time, if you are unfollowed or deleted from friends, you will not be able to win, so please wait while following or adding friends.

When will I receive my prize?

After receiving the input of the delivery address information, it will be shipped sequentially from two weeks later.

Can I change the address after the prize has been shipped?

We do not accept address changes after delivery.