Brand Story

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President and CEO: Tomoko KAWAI says

My daughter suffered from otitis media at only 2 weeks of age. Although she used to be a calm baby, all that day long she went fussing and crying. As she was still a newborn, I did not know what I was supposed to do, so I gave her milk, changed her diaper, and even bathed her. She usually loved bath time, but that day she cried frantically. When I laid her on a towel to dry her off, some puss came out of her ear. Shocked and pitiful, I cried along with her... After that incident, her ear infection kept recurring, and we had to visit an ENT doctor frequently. Today she has grown up to be a mother herself, but her hearing is slightly weak, and she always has to cope with ear and nose conditions: she cannot even live without headache medication. In December 1994 I encountered the "Dr. Betta Baby Bottle" and heard its story from the American pediatrician who developed it: I was then filled with regrets for my daughter would not have had to suffer if only we had this feeding bottle!

In 2002 we had the privilege of meeting the CEO of current Okuya Glass Factory. After explaining all the product’s advantages and necessities, we finally reached a successful deal. The same happened for our plastic bottles factory: after many meetings with Maruichi Fujii, a company of craftsmen skilled at direct blow molding, we eventually contracted a manufacturing deal with them. Gathering the talented craftsmanship of both glass and plastic factories, and being blessed with the opportunity to have them work on our highly difficult curved shape, we finally achieved our 100% Made in Japan Quality "Dr. Betta Baby Bottles”

Our history

Betta baby bottle

2019- Birth of 280ml size

2018- Birth of 200ml size and 320ml size

2016- Birth of 80ml size

2014- Birth of a PPSU material baby bottle

2003- BPA FREE Birth of plastic baby bottle

2002- Birth of a glass bottle

1995- Doctor Betta Baby Bottle Japan landing

1993- American pediatrician's idea

Corporate Information

Company name: Zoom.T Co.,Ltd.

Head Office: 5-6-10 MINAMI AOYAMA MINATO-KU TOKYO 107-0062 JAPAN

Establishment date: March 1987

Main Business Activities: Manufacture and sales of baby goods

President and CEO: Tomoko Kawai