Betta Apron for Adults


Now that home time is fun, use the "matching aprons" to make cookies or tinker in the garden! Parent-child time for fun and communicative time!

Baby who has been drinking milk from a Bétta bottle will be helping mom and dad in no time.
They want to imitate everything, even helping with the dishes and tending to the garden.
When they see mommy and daddy wearing aprons, they say, "Me, too! Me too! I am very happy to see that.
It's so cute to see them trying their best with their little hands, all a little nervous!

Time spent doing something together, happy time, would be even more enjoyable with "matching aprons".

Cherish those precious moments!

[Body Fabric] 100% Cotton
[Size] Approx. 112 cm (hem circumference) / Approx. 80 cm (length)