Fine silk sponge

Fine silk sponge

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100% natural sponge that is gentle on the skin.
Sponges have been used by women in Europe for a long time. In particular, "fine silk sponge" from the Mediterranean Sea is characterized by its softness, elasticity, and durability. It has many small holes and is said to be finely textured to the touch. It feels a little stiff when it's dry, but when it's watered, it softens and sits well in the hand. It is very difficult to collect the sponges, which live in the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of 30 to 50 meters, and they are very rare and valuable only when the sea is calm and the day is clear. It is also recommended for delicate skin and babies.

Mediterranean natural sponge 100%

Diameter: About 8cm

*Because it is a natural one, there is an individual difference in size. Because it is a natural sponge collected from the bottom of the sea, fine shells and seaweed may remain in rare cases. Please be sure to scrub and wash before use.
After use, rinse with gentle fingering and rinse thoroughly with detergent, then drain well and dry.
Please stop using it when you have a problem with your skin or when it does not fit your skin.