Fine silk sponge


Description of item

100% natural sponge that is gentle on the skin
Sea sponges have long been a favorite of women in Europe. Among them, the "Fine Silk Sponge" from the Mediterranean Sea is characterized by its softness, elasticity, and excellent durability.

There are many small holes, and it is said to be fine and the best touch.
When it's dry, it feels a little hard, but when it's soaked with water, it becomes soft and comfortable to the touch.
It is very difficult to collect sponges that live in the Mediterranean at depths of 30m to 50m, and they are valuable items that can only be collected on sunny days when the sea is calm. It is also recommended for those with delicate skin and babies.

Product specifications

Product name fine silk sponge
material 100% natural sponge from the Mediterranean Sea
size Diameter about 8cm
  • Because it is a natural product, there are individual differences in size.
  • Due to the natural sponge collected from the seabed, fine shells and seaweed may remain on rare occasions. Please be sure to rub and wash before use.
  • After use, gently rub the product, rinse the detergent thoroughly, drain the water well and dry it.
  • Do not use if you have any skin problems or if it does not suit your skin.

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