Brain nipple round-hole S


Description of item

"Brain Nipple" was born from the experience of a midwife.
"Brain Nipple" was born from the experience of a midwife. Jointly developed with midwives, focusing on the merits of soshaku, which generally have effects such as "developing jaws and making teeth strong", "chewing to aid digestion", and "promoting saliva secretion".

Open your mouth wide and when your baby sucks, the secret part stretches to fit your baby's mouth and tongue!
It is a nipple that you can drink by moving the upper and lower jaw firmly up and down like a mother's nipple.

The hole in the nipple is a "round hole (S size)", and the sucking hole is round so that a steady amount of milk comes out.

Product specifications

Product name Brain Replacement Nipple Set of 2 (Round Hole S)
hole shape Round hole S
Approximate age of use Around 2 months
material silicone

*Two replacement nipples are included in one box.

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