Replacement Nipple [Jewel] Round Hole S / Newborn ~ (Set of 2)


Description of item

Born from the voices of mom and dad!
In response to troubles during breastfeeding, such as the ease of opening the air valve and the difficulty of collapsing, this product was developed with a focus on ease of drinking.

"Jewel Nipple" was born from such a desire to create nipples that fit in the mouths of more babies. It was created by collecting the voices of mothers who use Betta regularly and repeating research. Supports baby's "want to drink" instinct.

The nipple hole is a "round hole (S size)", and the round sucking hole allows a constant amount of milk to flow out.

Product specifications

Product name Jewel Replacement Nipple Set of 2 (Round Hole S)
hole shape Round hole S
Approximate age of use Newborn (0 months) ~
material silicone

*Two replacement nipples are included in one box.

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