We would like to inform you of the results of our subsequent investigation regarding counterfeit products, which we announced in the latest information on June 1, 2018.

As a result of inspection by our quality control department, a defect was found in the nipple set in the baby bottle. There is no hole at the tip of the nipple or the part where the baby sucks. In addition, although there is originally a cut at the bottom to allow air to pass through, it was also confirmed that there was no cut in this part. This nipple is defective and cannot be used for breastfeeding. We would like to inform you that there is a possibility of harming the health of infants. (See photo) We do not guarantee anything about this nipple accident.

Our company cannot assume any warranty or responsibility unless it is our genuine product. When purchasing "Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle", please purchase at our directly managed stores, directly managed sites, or authorized distributors. Please be careful about imitation products.

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We appreciate your understanding so that customers can use Dr. Bétta baby bottles with peace of mind.


2018.06.13 Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle – announcement on the defective nipples imitations from China

This is an official announcement regarding the further tests on counterfeits as mentioned in the previous announcement of June 1 st , 2018.

All the results gathered by our company Quality Department show that the nipples included with the baby bottles in sets counterfeits have a major defect: the tip of these nipples – where the baby is supposedly able to suckle and draw milk – may not necessarily be holed, Furthermore, the base of the nipple where the air valve operates a fundamental function of air regulation may also be totally devoid of said valve or hole.These two flaws make these nipples not only unusable, but extremely dangerous for the safety of your child (cf. picture). We ask you to refrain from using such defect products and remind you our company Zoom-T Co., Ltd. cannot be held responsible for the warrantee or support of any of these counterfeits.

All customers willing to purchase authentic Bétta products should do so on our official Bétta Baby Store or at any authorized retailer or supplier:

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As we will continue providing reports to our faithful customers, please accept our sincere wish for you to be cautious of counterfeits when buying infant care products.


2018.06.13 Regarding the defect in the original product that is currently available in the Chinese market

As of June 1, 2018, after the latest information on similar products, we will announce additional results of our progress.

As a result of the inspection by the company's quality control department, there is a problem with the delivery of the bottle. We found out that the tip part of the mouth and the hole part of the suction hole are missing. At the same time, we have a breathable ventilation cut at the bottom, and we are sure that this part of the product does not have a ventilation cut. This kind of sucking is a problem product, it is impossible to use this kind of sucking milk. In addition, this type of researcher has a problem with possible injuries and health problems. (See figure) Our company is not responsible for any accidents caused by this product.

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The company, except for our genuine products, is not responsible for any warranty or liability. When you buy "Betta Special Doctor Bottle", you can buy directly through the company's physical direct store, online direct store, and genuinely licensed merchants. Please pay special attention to similar manufactured products.

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