Thank you for your continued patronage of Dr. Bétta baby bottles. Below is information about the Chinese notation of Dr. Bétta baby bottles.

The Dr. Bétta baby bottles manufactured and sold by Zoom Tea Co., Ltd. will be referred to as "Toku". Currently, we have received reports that there are counterfeit products labeled as 贝太 in China, but this has nothing to do with our products.

We cannot guarantee products other than genuine products purchased from Betta Baby Store or authorized dealers. When purchasing Dr. Bétta baby bottles, please be sure to purchase them at the Bétta Baby Store or authorized retailers.

>>Betta overseas flagship store (Tmall)

We will continue to collect information and report as soon as new information becomes available so that customers can use Dr. Bétta baby bottles with peace of mind. Thank you for your understanding.

August 10, 2018 Tomoko Kawai Representative Director, Zoom T Co., Ltd.


2018.08.10 Bétta – announcement on Chinese characters transcription.

To all our customers who gave their trust to Bétta until now but also to future ones, we wish to express our gratitude, and have an announcement on Chinese localization.

As the sole official manufacturer and seller of Doctor Bétta Baby Bottles, we at Zoom-T Co.,Ltd. would like to reiterate that the correct spelling and reading in Chinese characters for all our products is “蓓特” . As many parents may have noticed already, a lot of Bétta imitations are currently circulating on the Chinese market with the inscription “贝塔”, which have absolutely no link with our company nor official Bétta products.

We ask for your understanding and your caution by renewing this warning: Zoom-T Co., Ltd. will no assurance any support nor guarantee for such products. Once again we would like to remind any customer who would plan on purchasing a Bétta product to do so either on our official Bétta Baby Store or at an authorized retail point as indicated on the following link:

>>Betta flagship store (Tmall)

We will continue providing reports to our faithful customers in case of any news about counterfeits. Meanwhile, please accept our sincere hope that you may feel safe and secure by using Bétta baby products.

August 10th 2018
Zoom-T Co., Ltd.
Tomoko Kawai, CEO


2018.08.10 Related Chinese description of "Bétta"

Thanks to all of you who have been using it for a long time. We have a notice in Chinese written by Dr. Bétta.

The Chinese description of "Special" used by Dr. Bétta, produced by Zoom-T Co., Ltd. We have reported that there is a product in the Chinese market with the title of "Tower", but we are not responsible for this product.

If you are buying a genuine product from our store, or if you are buying a genuine product from our authorized agent, we do not guarantee the quality of the product. When you purchase a special doctor's degree, you must use our company's special doctor's store, or purchase through our authorized distributor.

>>Betta overseas flagship store (Tmall)

To ensure that you can use it safely and safely, we will continue to collect related information and information from time to time. Thank you for your understanding.

August 10, 2018
Zoom-T Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kawai Tomoko