Thank you for your continued patronage of Dr. Bétta baby bottles.

Recently, all 17 misappropriated applications filed by "Beijing Yisa International Trade Co., Ltd." were ruled invalid. This time, too, we were able to win the overall victory.
In particular, this time, it was an epoch-making judgment that invalidation decisions were made for categories other than Class 10 "baby bottles". We would like to thank the China Trademark Review and Adjudication Board for its proper judgment.
Since there are still inferior counterfeit products "Betta Betta" in the market, we will continue to do our best to eradicate counterfeit products.

We hope that you will continue to patronize the official "Bétta" "Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle" in the future.

2020.1.21 Chinese commercial license application All 17 items Judgment ineffective

Since then, I have been very grateful for the support and patronage of Doctor Bétta.

Recently, "Beijing International Trading Co., Ltd." submitted 17 applications, all of which were ruled invalid. This time, we won the entire acquisition of our company. Specially, this is the 10th category, which has been released as a special commercial label other than the ``Bottle Bottle''. We appreciate the correct judgment of the China Commercial Standards Committee. Because of the blasphemy product “Betta Betta”, which is already on the market, we will continue to do our best to eliminate the blasphemy product.

In the future, we will continue to support and regularly use the regular product `` Doctor Bétta 奶bin ''.