Thank you for your continued patronage of Dr. Bétta baby bottles.
Recently, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Yisa International Trading Co., Ltd., the applicant for the counterfeit product "Betta Betta," has acquired a wholly owned subsidiary, "Betta Betta (Beijing) Co., Ltd." I discovered that counterfeit products of "Bétta" were being sold on Net.
In response to this, we requested an injunction against the site operator based on trademark infringement, and they immediately took measures to delete all pages related to the counterfeit product seller, "Pink Tower Supplies (Beijing) Co., Ltd." . Thank you very much for your prompt and appropriate action. Going forward, we will continue to pay close attention to the trends of counterfeit product manufacturing and sales companies, such as Beijing Yisa International Trading Co., Ltd. and Tawan Tang Products (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and work to eradicate counterfeit products. I will do my best.

We hope that you will continue to patronize the official "Bétta" "Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle" in the future.


2020.1.17 Prohibition of purchases from Taiwanese merchandise company "Turning Products (Beijing) Co., Ltd."

Since then, I have been very grateful for the support and patronage of Doctor Bétta.
Recently, the above-mentioned applicant for the business product "Betta Betta", which is a subsidiary of "Beijing International Trading Co., Ltd." On the "Treasure Network", a novelty product of "Bétta". Because of this, we are prohibited from submitting commercial infringements. The online store has taken measures to deal with the ownership of the sales of the sacrificial products, "Taoyuan Supplies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.". Thank you very much for taking such prompt action. In the future, we will continue to work closely with "Beijing International Trade Co., Ltd."

In the future, we will continue to support and regularly use the regular product `` Doctor Bétta 奶bin ''.

Application for injunction against trademark infringement