Bétta Carry me! Mesh

Bétta Carry me ! MeshNEW Launched on Apr. 27, 2022

\ More comfortable to carry! /The long-awaited "mesh" new arrival.

After many requests from many people, we came across a mesh fabric with many functionalities and finally commercialized it! Betta Carry Me! but with the added advantage of the mesh type! Two colors to match any outfit!

Price¥8,360(Excluding tax ¥7,600)
Ages | Newborn to 2 years old
Adaptive weight |
As a guide, for babies up to 11.3 kg
If the product is to be used for children under 3 kg, consult a physician before use. Material | Body fabric 100% cotton
      Mesh fabric 100% polyester
Weight | Approx. 210g
user's manual | Three languages (Japanese, English, Chinese)

Antibacterial, deodorizing, and antimicrobial properties

Antibacterial, deodorizing, and antimicrobial properties

Water absorbent, quick drying

Water absorbent, quick drying

Newborn to 11.3 kg

Newborn to 11.3 kg

Lightweight, compact

Lightweight, compact

for both parents

for both parents

Unique three-dimensional cut, good stability

Unique three-dimensional cut, good stability

Check! Carry me ! Mesh

\ Antimicrobial/anti-odor/
anti-bacterial + Water absorption/
quick drying /
Functional Mesh material used

Adoption of Mesh material with [antibacterial/odor control + water absorption/quick drying  functionality]

[Antibacterial, deodorant, and antimicrobial] materials

Prevents odors
Effects lasting
Hygienic and safe
Texture and performance materials intact

[Water-absorbing and quick-drying] material

Excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties
Light weight and high casa height due to air layer
Dry and soft on the skin

One side of the large bag is made of Mesh to prevent heat buildup. The mesh fabric has antibacterial/anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties, water absorption, and quick-drying functions, and is breathable and feels smooth on both the baby and mom/dad. It is comfortable to carry the baby in any season, including the rainy season, summer and other sweaty seasons, as well as in winter on trains and under heaters.

\ Mesh for even more /Lightweight, Compact

Even lighter and more compact

The Betta Carry Me has always been lightweight and compact! The Mesh type is even lighter and more compact. The conventional 100% cotton type weighs approximately 250 g, while the cotton + mesh type weighs approximately 210 g. The thickness of the cotton + mesh type is also reduced because part of it is made of mesh fabric, making it even more compact! It is also less bulky in your bag, making it ideal for carrying around.

\ With one side Mesh /And the laundry dries even easier!

Easier to dry after washing!

One side of the large bag is made of quick-drying mesh material, which makes it easier to dry after washing!

Check! Carry me ! Mesh
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