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Dr. Bétta Baby Bottle Where the Brains Are, 240ml


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Humorous view of the world with fans all over the world

Introduction of Where the Kaiju Are

"Where the Kaiju Live" depicts the mysterious adventures of the main character, Max, and sends children on a journey of self-discovery, while conveying to adults the importance of having a sense of fun no matter how old they are. I will give it to you.

This masterpiece by Maurice Sendak

This masterpiece by Maurice Sendak has been published over 20 million copies worldwide and has been loved for over 50 years.
It is still fresh in our minds that in 2016, then-President of the United States Barack Obama read this picture book to the public at the White House.

This masterpiece by Maurice Sendak

Moms and dads reading picture books to their children and giving them milk from a baby bottle. Surely there is a common desire to convey plenty of love. A collaboration bottle with a wonderful picture book will create a wonderful happy time without replacement.

Collaboration with a wonderful picture book

What is Dr. Bétta baby bottle?


A baby bottle designed for the same feeding posture as breast milk

That is the reason for the curve of the Dr. Bétta baby bottle. Invented by an American pediatrician, the Dr. Bétta baby bottle is made in Japan, and we have repeatedly improved the materials and nipples. It has evolved into a better product. The winning history of the Kids Design Award and the Good Design Award is a proof of reliable quality.

Three effects of "same breastfeeding posture as breastfeeding"


Safe for your ears

A baby's ear canal is thick and short, so if you let your baby drink milk while their head is lying down, the milk you drink from your mouth will flow into your ears, which may cause ear problems. Keeping the breastfeeding posture with the upper body raised is also attracting attention from otolaryngologists.

Prevents aspiration

If you give a drink while lying down, it will flow into places other than the esophagus and cause aspiration. Breastfeeding in an upright position allows milk to flow smoothly into the esophagus, making it easier for even babies with weak swallowing ability to swallow milk.

reduce burping

The curve of the Dr. Bétta baby bottle allows air bubbles that enter the bottle during breastfeeding to follow the curve, keeping them away from the breastfeeding mouth and allowing them to escape upwards. Reduces burping and regurgitation by reducing air swallowing. There is an advantage that you can give enough milk only.

Can be used from newborn
Brain Nipple Invented by Midwives


When a baby takes a breast, it moves its upper and lower jaws up and down while moving its tongue, squeezes it out, sucks it out, and drinks. It takes skill and strength to drink mom's breasts. Brain Nipple was designed by midwives with the aim of creating such a nipple and wishing for the health of the baby. It is also highly recommended for use from newborns and in parallel with breastfeeding.

Illustration of where the kaiju are


High heat resistance and impact resistance
Safe because it is made of PPSU

Highest quality transparent plastic.

The heat-resistant temperature of the bottle body is 180°C.
Because of its strength, it is often used in medical equipment, etc.
It is a very popular material.
We want to deliver more peace of mind by using proven materials.
We entrusted this material with Betta's wish.

Illustration of where the kaiju are

PPSU bottle 3 points


lightweight and easy to handle


Lightness unique to plastic. It is perfect for going out with a baby who has a lot of luggage.


Heat resistance 180℃


The material is resistant to heat, so it can be sterilized in the microwave or by boiling. *The nipple and cap hood are heat resistant to 120°C.


Impact resistant and tough


The lightness unique to plastic and the strength unique to PPSU make it easy to handle. Great for any occasion.

    Illustration of where the kaiju are


    Domestic production by craftsmen's manual work

    Dr. Bétta baby bottle.

    PPSU Doctor Bétta baby bottles are manufactured with the wisdom and excellent craftsmanship of domestic plastic product manufacturers.
    Generally, the image of "plastic is mass-produced",
    Mass production of this mysterious baby bottle shape is difficult, and the reality is that we have no choice but to adopt a highly difficult manufacturing method.
    Watching over the manufacturing process of each machine, the roughly completed shape,
    We will create a finished product with careful work by craftsmen.
    Seeing that they continue to manufacture steadily while maintaining quality,
    I feel a strong desire to “for the sake of the children who will lead the future.”

    Illustration of where the kaiju are

    How to care for baby bottles and nipples 3 steps to clean with a dedicated brush

    With the Dr. Bétta baby bottle brush set,
    Easy care with special brushes for bottles and nipples!

    Step1 Wash the baby bottle and nipple with detergent on the special brush


    The white horse hair brush specifically for Dr. Bétta baby bottles has a firm white horse hair that catches dirt from every corner of the curved bottle for clean cleaning.


    The nipple brush can clean even the hard-to-clean undersides of nipples and fine grooves. Gently wash while pressing the tip of the nipple with your finger.


    Thoroughly clean the hole at the tip of the nipple and the air valve that causes the nipple to collapse with a heart pin. * If you poke it strongly, it may cause damage.

    *It is recommended to remove the detergent from each dedicated brush after use, drain the water and hang it.


    step2Rinse thoroughly


    Failure to keep the baby bottle clean will lead to deterioration.
    Please rinse thoroughly.

    step3Any disinfection is OK


    Boiling disinfection


    microwave disinfection


    Chemical disinfection

    Because of its high heat resistance, you can choose a disinfection method.
    *The nipple and cap hood are heat resistant to 120°C.

    Illustration of where the kaiju are

    Dr. Bétta Baby Bottle Where the Brains Are, 240ml

    (¥3200 excluding tax)