PPSU 120ml Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle / Brain SF4-120ml


Description of item

"Achieving the ideal breastfeeding posture" That is the reason for the curve of the Dr. Bétta baby bottle. The Dr. Bétta baby bottle, devised by an American pediatrician, has grown into an even better product through repeated improvements to materials and nipples while sticking to Japanese products. The winning history of the Kids Design Award and the Good Design Award is also a proof of reliable quality.

It's a convenient size that can be used in a variety of ways, from when you don't have much to drink to adding milk to baby food. A smaller size is recommended for easier handling during times of frequent breastfeeding. You can carry it compactly when you go out.

This flower series was born from the desire that all babies born in this world should grow up healthy with a lot of love, just like plants that grow healthy with plenty of sunlight. And now, I will deliver this bottle with the feeling of giving a bouquet of flowers with gratitude to everyone who loves Betta.

Product specifications

Product name Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle Brain SF4-120ml
series Brain
Attached nipple cross cut
content Bottle body, cap hood, nipple, heart pin, instruction manual
capacity 120ml (maximum capacity 150ml)
Features BPA free

●Material / heat resistant temperature

material Heatproof temperature
Bottle PPSU 180℃
cap hood polypropylene 120℃
nipple silicone 120℃

●What is PPSU?

PPSU has the highest level of heat resistance and impact resistance for transparent plastics. The heat-resistant temperature of the bottle body is 180℃. Due to its strength, it is a very popular material that is often used in medical equipment. We want to deliver more peace of mind by using proven materials. We entrusted this material with Betta's wish.

●The reason for the curve

Dr. Bétta Baby Bottle has a unique curve that controls the posture during breastfeeding so that it is the same posture as breastfeeding. You can drink milk with your head upright, which prevents milk from flowing into the ear canal and is safe for your ears. Milk flows smoothly into the esophagus in a natural posture, preventing aspiration. Bubbles escape upward along the curve, reducing swallowing of air and reducing burping.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Purchased as a second baby bottle for going out.

I use a glass one at home, but I also purchased this plastic type so that it's easy to carry when I go out.
I carry stick-type powdered milk, a baby bottle, and a pin to make a hole in the nipple in the special case that came with the outing set I received as a gift from a friend, and it's quite light and convenient.

It's long and thin, so it's easy to hold, and even my 6-month-old child is gradually learning how to hold it by himself!

At first, I considered buying it online after seeing it in the store, but there were so many designs that I couldn't find the one I saw in the store online, so I ended up purchasing it in the store.
I would be happy if it were easier to find designs so I could easily order from home.

Even if you already have a baby bottle, it will come in handy when you go out, so it's also recommended as a baby gift (if you're giving it as a gift, I think it would be nice to have a case for the going out set).

The 240 type was too big, so I bought the 120 type (holds up to 150ml).
If you drink a lot, you will need to make it twice.
Speaking of greed, I would have been happy if there was a 200ml elongated one as well!