Bétta baby silk clothes Kinu no Ubugi - Rompers



Description of item

Bétta "Silk Ubugi" is a baby product made by blending the silk thread spun by the wild tiger moth, which was discovered by Tokyo University of Agriculture Professor Takayuki Nagashima (known as an insect doctor), and high-quality extra-long cotton in an optimal ratio. It's underwear.
It has UV protection, deodorant properties, and is machine washable, making it the perfect product for newborn skin. Each item is knitted into four different fabrics, and the entire process, from sewing to finishing, is made in Japan. The tying string is made of bright multicolor so that there is no mistake in tying it even in dark places such as at night, and it is also gentle to parents.

A vitamin color that suits a newborn baby.
The unisex color makes it a great gift. The fluffy soccer fabric does not stick to the skin and has good breathability, so your sweaty baby's skin will always be comfortable. It is also ideal for basking in the sun with a stroller. It can be used for a long time by matching long pants from above or matching a cardigan. Even if it is a mixed fabric of silk and cotton, it can be washed in a washing machine if you put it in the net. Because it is something that you normally wear every day, you want to easily wash it.

Product specifications

Product name Ubugi Silk Romper
material 25% silk, 75% cotton
size 50cm, 60cm

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