Bétta Mane Brush Premium


Description of item

100% horse hair brush using only thin and soft horse mane

The supple and elastic natural horsehair gives your skin and hair texture and firmness.
It can be used as a body brush for moms and dads as well as for gently combing baby's finely tangled hair. The material used for the handle is beech. Beech wood is tough, strong and flexible. It is a very popular wood for brush handles.
Among horse hair, the mane is famous as a material that can be used by people with delicate skin. It is a discerning item that you can use for a long time.

Product specifications

Product name betta mane brush - premium -
material horsehair (hair), beech wood (handle)
size 138×45×35mm

*Since natural materials are used, the texture, color, and finish may differ slightly from the photos.

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