Bétta Insect Repellent Plate (Rompers)


This insect repellent plate is made with camphorwood, and is designed in a way that capitalizes on the natural attributes of the wood. Camphorwood is a relative of the laurel, and the camphor in the wood has long been known as a natural insect repellent. The natural aroma and attributes of the wood can keep pests out of clothing. It also offers a mint-like fragrance to refresh your mood. Once the fragrance begins to grow faint, just sand the surface with some sandpaper to restore its helpful everyday effects. The product is safe for your family and gentle on the environment.
Packaged in a cute and gift-ready rompers-shaped box. The wood is labeled with Betta and kusunoki brand labels. Please use it by hanging it wherever you like, whether it's in the closet, bedroom, or by the front door.

Camphor tree
100% Cotton (string)