Bétta Insect Repellent Plate (Rompers)


Description of item

An insect repellent plate made of "Kusunoki", which is a natural material.
Kusunoki (Camphor tree), a member of the bay tree, has long been known as an insect repellent tree that extracts camphor, and its natural scent and efficacy keep pests away from clothing. At the same time, a refreshing scent like peppermint will refresh your mood. When the fragrance becomes faint, you can use it repeatedly by scraping the surface with sandpaper, etc. This is a product that is friendly to people and the environment, making the most of the original power of the camphor tree.

A cute romper that makes a great gift. Branded with Betta and kusunoki. Please hang it in your favorite place such as closet, bedroom, entrance and so on.

Product specifications

Product name Kusunoki insect repellent plate
material Camphor tree, 100% cotton (string)

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