maternity celebration set


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[Store limited set] Celebrate maternity!

"Be Mama Button"
Compatible with most municipal maternity health handbooks. Slightly larger size considering that it can be used properly. A maternal and child health notebook case that is designed with ideas in mind, such as a storage pocket that can hold a pen holder, a medical card, etc. High-quality cowhide material and colored stitching add an elegant accent. Carefully keep records of the baby and mother's growth, and it will become a treasure that will become more valuable as the child grows.

"Maternity First Cream"
A maternity cream that can be used not only during the delicate period of pregnancy, right after giving birth, but also for babies. Developed in collaboration with skin experts. Betta's own nano version of carefully selected ingredients. With its moisturizing and penetrating power, it reaches every corner of the stratum corneum, protecting you from skin troubles caused by dryness and leaving your skin firm, shiny, and transparent. It is easy to use and provides gentle care for mothers. Contains 85% naturally derived ingredients. Fragrance-free, color-free, weakly acidic, additive-free (*no parabens, talc, ultraviolet absorbers, sulfites).

"Silk towel handkerchief"
We use rare Yamayuga silk, which has features such as ``lightweight, UV protection, and deodorizing effect.'' Hygienic with excellent moisture absorption and no odor. This towel is perfect for your life with your baby.

Also included is Betta's original leather ``maternity charm'', which is great for pregnant women. Delivered in a gorgeous premium box that makes a great gift. Recommended not only for home use, but also as a baby gift.

Product specifications

Product name maternity celebration set
set content Maternal and child notebook case Be Mama Button Maternity first cream
Silk towel (handkerchief green)
・Maternity charm ・Premium gift box M
・Shop card (welcome baby)

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