Bétta Milk Case Castle (Violet)


Description of item

Powdered milk case necessary for going out with a baby
Although it has a compact body, you can put 3 times of powdered milk that can make 240 ml of milk. If you measure and make powdered milk in advance, you can quickly make milk and give it to your baby when preparing milk in the middle of the night.

The image of the shape is a castle in Europe. The name is "Castle"
It has a long and narrow shape, so it fits perfectly in a mother's bag. An original design like no other. There are many other color variations, so please find your own color and enjoy using it.

Violet is an image of spring violet
The flower violet that blooms pretty in spring, the color of the body color. The top part has a gentle peach color, and the olive cap has a modern coloring.

In various scenes long after graduation
Even after graduating from powdered milk, it will be useful for a long time as a fruit container and a cookie container.

Product specifications

Product name Milkcase Castle (Viole)
Material/Heat resistant temperature Polypropylene/115°C
size H195 × W63 × D63
weight 112g

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