Bétta Milk Case Castle (Violet)


Powdered milk case for traveling with baby

Despite its compact body, it can make 240 ml of milk and can hold 3 times the amount of powdered milk. If you measure and make the powdered milk in advance, you can quickly make milk for feeding in the middle of the night.

The image of the shape is that of a European castle. The name is "Castle"

The elongated shape fits easily into a mom's bag. This is a unique and original design. There are many other color variations, so please find your own color and enjoy using it.

Violets are inspired by spring violets.

Violets bloom prettily in spring, and the body color is the color of violets. The top part is a gentle peach color, and the olive-colored cap gives it a modern coloring.

Long after breastfeeding for various occasions

It will continue to be useful as a fruit and cookie container long after the baby formula has graduated.



Heatproof temperature



H 195 × W63 × D63