Bétta Be Mama! (Strawberry)


Description of item

Compatible with most municipal maternal and child handbooks.

Slightly larger size considering that it can be used firmly. A storage pocket that can hold a lot of pen holders and patient registration cards, a photo space where you can put a photo of your baby, etc. For moms looking for unique items.

Nodding pink is a cute impression anyway

Product specifications

Product name Betta Bee Mama (Strawberry)
material cowhide
size Outside size: 14.5cm/22cm Inside size: Approximately 13.5cm/20cm
stitch color Brown

* The internal dimensions are a guideline for the notebook size that can be put inside. (large x 2, small x 1, mini photo x 1, card slide x 6)
*Pocket size can hold about 2 deposit passbooks on one side

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