Bétta Nenne Blankie (Rabbit)


When my daughter was young, we gave her this little doll that doesn't have any inner cotton filling. She loved that doll. She gave it the name Nene and took it with her everywhere. And of course, she would take Nene to bed, too. When my daughter got older, it seems she stopped loving that doll so much, it got old and she threw it away. She got angry at us about that, asking us ""why did you throw it away?"" Clearly, that doll was still important to her.""

Based on this touching story, Bétta started producing our own ""Nene,"" handmade form organic cotton by skilled artisans. The face is made of embroidery and patchwork cloth, so is safe even for newborns. With no cotton inner stuffing, cleaning is easy. And it's quick to dry, too, so it's easy to keep it clean. It is our hope that we can be a part of those irreplaceable stories being made between parents and children around the world.

A cute winking bunny. The handcrafted stitching exudes a real sense of warmth and tenderness.


cotton 100%


About 270/165 / 3mm

* Product is handmade, so there may be slight variations to these specifications.