Bétta Nenne Blankie (Rabbit)


Description of item

“When my daughter was little, I made a flat doll with no padding in it. She named it Nenne-chan, and she liked it so much that she carried it around with her all the time. When my daughter grew up, I thought, ``I wonder if she'll need it soon,'' so I threw it away. For my daughter, it was irreplaceable."

“Nenne-chan” was created based on the experience of Mr. Betta, and is carefully made one by one by craftsmen using organic cotton.
The face is also embroidered and made of self-fabric, so it is safe for newborn babies. There is no padding, so it is easy to wash. It dries quickly, so you can always keep it clean.

I hope that the irreplaceable story of parents and children, and further stories will be spun from here.

Product specifications

Product name Organic Cotton Nenne-chan (rabbit)
material 100% organic cotton
size About 270×165×3mm
*Because it is handmade, there are individual differences.

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