Replacement Cap & Ring set [wide neck] (Cherry Pink)


Description of item

Cap hood for wide-mouth baby bottles. Even baby bottles can be stylish and fun. Just by replacing the cap and hood, you can change the mood of the bottle as if it were a new bottle. Enjoy using the colorful Betta baby bottles in the kitchen, saying, "What color should I choose today? What color should I choose today?

A very cute "cherry pink" that makes both mom and baby feel bright and happy.

The design on the top part of the hood is a heart. A small heart is nestled in a big heart. Like a baby cuddling up to its parents. May the baby's life be full of love.

Product specifications

Product name Betta Replacement Cap & Ring set ( Cherry Pink )
compatible nipple brain nipples wide mouth
*Cannot be used for slim type.

●Material / heat resistant temperature

material Heatproof temperature
cap hood polypropylene 120℃

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