Bétta baby silk clothes Kinu no Ubugi - Suit Underwear



Bétta's "silk baby clothes" are made using a blend of silk from the Japanese Oak Silkmoth developed by Prof. Takayuki Nagashima of Tokyo University of Agriculture (known as the bug professor) and high quality super-long cotton threads. It is an ideal blend for your newborn's sensitive skin since it blocks UV, has deodorizing properties and is machine washable. Each item is finished with four different fabrics, and the entire production from weaving to finishing is done within Japan. The ties are finished in vibrant colors to make sure they are visible even when its dark, for example late at night, making things a little easier for mother and father.

Even newborns can occasionally get a bit restless, especially with their legs. When that happens the combination underwear ensures that their tummy doesn't get exposed. And of course, it is all made of our smooth fabric. The fabric softens the more it gets washed, which should be good for mother and father as well as baby. Includes a fashionable gray pattern print on a white background. Even cotton/silk blends can be machine washed if put in a net bag first. Easy washing becomes all the more important when it comes to daily wear.

Silk 25%
Cotton 75%

60cm, 70cm