Betta Baby Soap 500ml


An amino acid-based cleaning agent for daily use.
"BODY"" is a gentle wash made from sugarcane palm.
Bétta Baby Soap is made from natural sugarcane and coconut palms. This 500ml size product can be used generously to protect your skin's natural moisture and leave your whole body refreshed and smooth. The family-friendly, plant-based cleaning products are free of petroleum-based surfactants, fragrances, colors, alcohols, UV absorbers and mineral oils.

After lathering, please wash your head, body and hands gently and rinse thoroughly after washing.

Water・Cocoyl alanine TEA・Palm kernel fatty acid amide DEA・Methylparaben・Na benzoic acid・Citric acid

*Due to its natural ingredients, it may discolor when exposed to air. There are no problems with the use of this product, but please take care when storing it after opening it.
*Please stop using it if you have any skin problems or if it doesn't suit your skin.