Bétta Diner Robe (Blue)


Description of item

Just put it over your head and it's OK. An apron that covers the whole body.
Elastic rib knit neckline. The body is made of a towel material that feels good to the touch. It can be washed completely, so even babies who love holding hands can do it.
The feet have a band to prevent slippage. The same rib knit material as the neck is used, so it is a safe design that does not constrict even if it is tightly attached.

Orange combination on the blue body.
The vivid color makes dirt inconspicuous. You can choose according to the gender of your baby, or you can choose according to your mother's preference.

Product specifications

Product name Betta Dinner Robe (Blue)
size Bib Neck [Minimum] : 22-26cm
Bib Neck [Maximum]: 65-70cm
Width: 30 cm Length: 61 cm
material cotton 100%

*Because it is handmade, there are individual differences.

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