First Touch Celebration Set (Blue)


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[Store limited set] A set of "Silk Ubugi" and "Bib" suitable for baby's first touch. Recommended as a baby shower gift

"Silk Ubugi"
Maternity clothes made by combining the rare and excellent functionality of Yamama Yuga silk and soft Pima cotton in an optimal ratio. The cocoon has a unique function that protects the larva from the sun, rain, wind, etc., and gently protects the baby as if it were inside the cocoon. It's easy for moms to put on, and it feels good for babies to wear it. These underwear are made with consideration and ingenuity for the first time a delicate baby wears them.

・Short underwear: Underwear that can be used from birth. Very convenient during times when you spend a lot of time at home. When you get a little bigger, you can also use it as underwear for your clothes. The fabric is a smooth, easy-to-handle knit fabric that is often used for underwear. An off-white color that looks great on newborn skin.

・Combined underwear: A style of underwear that is often used every day. Shortly after birth, babies start to move around a lot and their legs become more active. With combination underwear, you don't have to worry about your belly being exposed. The fabric is made of soft double gauze, so it gets softer every time you wash it, and it feels comfortable not only for the baby but also for the mom and dad holding it. A gentle all-over print on a white background.

"Bouquet Bib"
Add two more layers of fluffy and soft double gauze. Loose elastic makes it easy to put on and take off. It protects milk and drool, providing 360 degree coverage. A design that will please both moms and babies with peace of mind even when their baby is actively moving. The front and back are reversible, expanding the range of coordination. Comes with a matching round handkerchief.

Also included is an organic cotton toy called "Nigikoro" that will make your baby smile with its cute expression and gentle bell sound. Delivered in a gorgeous premium box that makes a great gift. Recommended not only for home use but also as a baby gift.

Product specifications

Product name First Touch Celebration Set (Blue)
set content Silk Ubugi short underwear (size 60)
Silk Ubugi combination underwear (size 70)
Betta Bouquet Bib (Saxophone Blue Check & Stripe)
・Toy Nigikoro ・Premium gift box M
・Shop card (welcome baby)

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