Doctor Bétta baby bottle Warmth Pouch (320ml GIOIA)


A pouch designed to exclusively fit Bétta baby bottles.
The peanut-shaped curve that fits to the curvature of the bottle is especially unique.
The inner lining has a bonding finish, preventing the enclosed bottle from being damaged from drops and bumps.
The strap handle can be removed on one end to hang from a stroller to carry it around easily when out and about.
We just added a slightly larger size to one of Bétta’s longstanding products, the Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle Pouch. The perfect fit of the peanut-shaped pouch has been left untouched while slightly increasing the size. The pouch now also fits the 320 mL sized bottle.
The color contrast of the gold embroidery and the chic strap is a look befitting of the GIOIA name. The antique gold metal fittings also complement the overall appearance, and the pouch as a whole exudes a high-end look.

Surface: 100% Cotton
Filling: 100% polyurethane
Lining: 100% nylon
Strap: 100% nylon