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“Bétta Maternity Hug Pillow” for feeding pillow / pillow body


[Japan Limited ]

From pregnancy to after childbirth, Bétta’s body pillow supports moms. The large curve and cloud shaped curves perfectly fit on belly and arms. It could be flexibly used as a body pillow during pregnancy, or as a feeding and sitting cushion for babies. Of course, the pillow cover, but also the pillow itself can be machine washed.

London striped means that the stripes of color are as wide as the base color beneath them. It's a style of stripe that is most often seen on men's shirts.
The combination of marine-inspired navy and white stripes is incredibly refreshing. The easy-to-use fabric that feels ready for heavy use has made this one of our most popular items.

"Bétta’s original colorful cloth “Four Seasons” has hand-drawn nature motifs such as the sun, the moon, rain, snow, stars, rainbows, and blooming flowers. We put a wish of pleasant growth of babies with the power of nature, and pass wonderful time with parents."

Surface fabric : Cotton 100%
Back fabric: Cotton 80% / Polyester 20%


1200mm × 260mm × 190mm