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Bétta Memorial Frame


For making a memento of your babies precious "birth moment"
My baby is born! This moment is a moment of great emotion.
Why don't you leave your baby's handprints and footprints, which can only be left at this moment, along with the joy of your baby's birth?
It will be soon, in less than a year, when your baby takes its first steps.
It won't be long before your baby will be walking hand in hand with mommy and daddy, grandma and grandpa, and the people they love.
It will be a precious treasure that will last a lifetime, and you will be able to feel your baby's growth.

【 Attention 】

*This product is made of natural cypress. Please do not use alcohol or chemicals as they may cause the color to fade or discolor.

*The photograph is an image. The color, texture, and grain of the wood may differ from the actual product.

*This product can only be sold and shipped in Japan.

*TThe colors and grains of the natural wood used have different expressions one by one. We hope that you will enjoy the individuality of the trees that you have been fortunate enough to receive, and that you will cherish them for many years to come as your children grow.

【 Product Details 】

  • Frame: 205x205x10mm
  • Stand: 70x40x15mm
  • Photo guide: 90x90mm square (inner diameter 70x70mm)
  • Gift box: 215x255x35mm
  • Manual


 ・Japanese cypress in Kochi, Japan

◯ Country of origin


◯ Technique:

 ・Sandblasting (carving on the surface of natural wood "Kochi Hinoki" by sandblasting method)

How to care

Wipe lightly with a dry cloth. If you are concerned about stains, wipe gently with a towel wrung out tightly with water.
*Please do not use alcohol or chemicals.If alcohol or other chemicals are used on the handprint or footprint, the color may fade. Please be careful.

Procedure from order to delivery

Procedure from order to delivery
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※The first step is to receive a kit for taking handprints and footprints.

  1. Order
  2. Deliver the handprint kit
  3. Send us your baby's details and handprint/footprint data using the handprint/footprint kit via the inquiry form
  4. Order to the workshop
  5. The workshop will deliver the product directly to you (about 3 to 4 weeks from the time you register your data to the time the product is delivered)
●Memorial Frame Feature

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