Jewel nipple round-hole M


The jewel nipple was inspired by a hope of creating a bottle nipple that would be even more universal, allowing it to accommodate more infants. This bottle is the result of repeated research based on feedback from the mothers that use Bétta's products. The design passed rigorous tests on factors such as the size of the opening, the ideal softness of silicone rubber, how easily the air valve opened, and its tolerance to deforming. The design facilitates your baby's natural instinct to “want to drink. There are 2 replacement bottle nipples in each box.

Round Hole M
For use with four-month olds and up
The round hole is slightly larger than that of the round hole S, allowing the baby to drink more milk
By moving the mouth while drinking, the baby exercises their mouth and gets an ample amount of milk.

Material : Silicone
Heatproof temperature : 120°C
Quantity : Two in one box.