Bétta Straw-Mug Circus ONE (Lime Green)


A product developed after hearing from many of our baby bottle customers and years of twists and turns.
The image is a dream-like ""circus"" bursting at the seams with fun. It's a design that should spark your children's imagination every time you use it. Full of useful features. Designed with ""ease of cleaning"" in mind, to make sure it stays clean. Easy to assemble and take apart. We're proud of the slim design that will fit into even the slimmest bag.
Now available in pale pink and lime green.
The different colors make it easy to buy one for each of your children. The light and bright lime green is a lively color. Ideal for both boys and girls.

Bottle/Handle Cap: Polypropylene (heat resistant to 140°C)
Mouthpiece Straw/Straw Tube: Silicone Rubber (heat resistant to 130°C)
Seal: Elastomer (heat resistant to 120°C)
*Do not disinfect in the microwave or with chemicals.