Bétta Straw-Mug Circus ONE (Lime Green)


Description of item

It was born after many years of twists and turns after receiving a lot of feedback from Betta baby bottle users.

The image is a "circus" full of fun dreams.
I was particular about the design that stirs the imagination of kids every time I use it. The function to be worried about is fulfilling, too. It is designed with a focus on "easy to wash" so that you can always keep it clean. Easy to disassemble into parts and easy to assemble. It also boasts a slim shape that doesn't take up much space in mom's bag.

Available in two colors, pale pink and lime green. It's nice to have it with your brother in different colors.
Bright lime green is a lively color. Boys or girls

Product specifications

Product name Straw mug Circus - ONE - (lime green)
material Bottle/handle cap: Polypropylene Mouthpiece straw/straw tube: Silicone rubber Packing: Elastomer
Heatproof temperature Bottle/handle cap: 140℃
Mouth straw/straw tube: 130℃
Packing: 120℃
capacity 200ml
* Only the handle cap cannot be microwaved or disinfected with chemicals.

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