Replacement Cap & Ring set [wide neck] (Limone)


Description of item

Cap hood for wide-mouth baby bottles. Even baby bottles can be fashionable and fun. Enjoy changing the cap hood as if you were changing your clothes.

The lemon yellow hood and young grass-colored cap are appropriate for fresh spring. These are cheerful colors that celebrate the baby's growth. Mothers and fathers who make milk will also feel the pleasant coloring.

The design on the top part of the hood is a star. A small star is snuggled up to a big star. Like a baby snuggling up to its parents. May your baby's wishes come true.

Product specifications

Product name Betta Replacement Cap & Ring set ( Limone )
compatible nipple brain nipples wide mouth
*Cannot be used for slim type.

●Material / heat resistant temperature

material Heatproof temperature
cap hood polypropylene 120℃

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