Atelier Choux is a brand for babies from Paris, carrying baby wrappers and bibs. Products are all made in France with local material and technology. GOTS certified low-allergy organic cotton is selected for the products and a prominent factory innovatively uses the traditional techniques to give life to them. Mattias Adolfsson, a worldwide beloved Swedish illustrator create the designs on the selected material. People all around the world have been fascinated by his pastel-colored enchanting world drawn with humorous animals, robots, and beautiful architectures in the figure ※GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)


Docter Bétta baby bottle BrainFriends & Family Tree

“Friend & Family Tree”, such an impressive design with adorable animals hanging out on the branches and leaves. Atelier Choux World spreads out on our Betta’s bottle. Lovely bottle enrich your everyday life.



Docter Bétta baby bottle BrainHot Air Balloons

Multiple designs with detailed flying balloons. “Hot Air Balloons” must have come straight out of children’s dreams and matches our Betta world-view. Best suited for either for your baby or for a gift. Just watching this lovely bottle makes your day !

Bétta Baby Store staff