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Baby Bottle made of PPSU

Features of PPSU Baby Bottles

3 Key features of the PPSU bottle

Made of PPSU for excellent heat and shock resistance. As a transparent plastic, PPSU's resistance to heat and shock is at the highest level. The bottle can withstand temperatures up to 180°C! This outstanding quality makes it a popular material in medical devices. By using such a proven material, we want to provide maximum safety. Bétta has therefore entrusted this material to this end.

  • POINT 1 Ultra light & Easy to handle


Ultra light & Easy to handle
Light weight of plastic is perfect for a heavy diaper bag that you have to carry around with a baby.


  • POINT 2 Heat-resistant up to 180℃


Heat-resistant up to 180℃
This heat-resistant material can withstand sterilization by both microwave and boiling water! Maintenance is easy, perfect for busy moms and dads. ※Nipple, ring and cap can only resist up to 120℃.


  • POINT 3 Durability & Shock-resistance


Durability & Shock-resistance
The top-level ease in handling was made possible thanks to the light weight unique to plastic and the durability unique to PPSU. The bottle comes in handy in any occasion.
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