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Clinical Report by Alexander Theodore, MD.

Alexander Theodore, MD.
New Born - Pediatrics - Adolescent Medicine

-January 1995-

The vast number of infant earaches and infections diagnosed and treated by pediatricians and primary care physicians have been a major concern. Many of these infants suffer from an ear infection at a young age. The cycle moves from an ear infection, to treatment, to another ear infection. This routine continues until tubes are placed in the tympanic membranes of the ears, an operation doctors would prefer to circumvent. It is now reported that the most common bacteria causing ear infections are becoming resistant to our antibiotics.

The frustrations of physicians and parents, the pain and discomfort of the infant, and the increasing pharmaceutical and medical costs of ear infections dictated examining the causes instead of treating the symptoms.

Eustachian tubes in infants are level and parallel to the mouth and ears. When milk, formula, or other liquid flows into the child's eustachian tubes, the liquid might not immediatley drain. This liquid can create an ideal medium for the growth of bacteria, causing painful swelling and infections.

When a baby is fed with his head tilted back, or even worse, when lying on his back, it is likely that the milk or formula could easily run into the small openings of the eustachian tubes.

Many physicians are recommending that babies be fed in an upright position. If the design of the baby bottle supports the feeding of the baby in an upright position, little if any fluid would flow into the eustachian tubes. We came to the conclusion that the conventional feeding bottle has been designed incorrectly and has become a universally accepted faulty design. It has become apparent that babies are almost choking when swallowing with their heads tilted back.


We created the Betta Baby Bottle to support the proper feeding of the child. Mothers, fathers and grandparents participating in our testing reported a significant reduction in the number of ear infections with the babies who are using theBetta Baby Bottle exclusively. See research results in the attached addendum.

Our medical practice observed a significant reduction of ear infections in the group of babies exclusively using the Betta Baby Bottle. The mothers also reported that their babies were easier to burp after switching to the Betta Baby Bottle. Report after report stated, "the day we started using the Betta Baby Bottle our baby's severe colic stopped", "no more spit-ups", "stomach upsets were greatly reduced."

The shape and design of the Betta Bottle greatly reduces the amount of air swallowed by the infants when fed in an upright position.

It is important to note that the Betta Baby Bottle must be used exclusively to be completely effective.

We charted each patient for clinical results and the findings were truly remarkable. We worked with other pediatricians in a double blind study to test the Betta Baby Bottle against conventional straight bottles. The attached report gives the findings.


Feeding infants with their heads in the upright position offers medical advantages over feeding them with their heads in other positions. The Betta Baby Bottle encourages you to feed your baby correctly. The results of our clinical investigation show that by feeding babies and infants with their heads upright, ear infections, colic, and upset stomachs are significantly reduced.


Betta Baby Bottle Research

326 non-nursing mothers were asked to feed their babies with ONLY the Betta Baby Bottle for an 18 month period, and 326 non-nursing mothers were asked to feed their babies with any bottle except the Betta Baby Bottle. All had used a combination of conventional baby bottles over an 18 month period.

ー Results ー



Betta Baby Bottle Conventional Feeding Bottle

Ear Infections

had 0 to 1 ear infection



had 2 ear infections



had 3 or more ear infections







Betta Baby Bottle Conventional Feeding Bottle


had no colic



had mild colic



had severe colic



"After switching to your bottle, our baby had no more ear infections!"
J. Thompson, Salt Lake City, Utah

"My son, now approaching 2 years old, has never used any other bottle and I am thrilled to say he has never had an earache or colic. In fact....I would not consider using or recommending any other brand. Thank you for a wonderful product."
M. Thornton, Dallas, Texas

"We just received your bottles and the day we started using them, our baby's severe colic stopped."
J. Durham, Buena Park, California

"Saving just one trip to the doctor with an ear infection will pay for a dozen Betta Baby Bottles".
Ann Coffin, President, Great Arrivals

"The bottle is not only easier for parents to hold, but is much easier for small hands to hold."
B. Ujcich, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I speak for many mothers when I say a product that can stop the hurt or the pain of a child is simply a blessing! I am grateful to have found the Betta Baby Bottle".
M. Ortiz, San Francisco, California

"My son has been using the Betta Baby Bottle since I began bottle-feeding him at 4 1/2 months. He has never had an ear infection and I have never even had to burp him."
D. Litman, Etobicoke, Ontario

"We used the Betta Baby Bottle for 13 months until we lost the ones we had. As soon as we started using Gerber bottles our baby started to have ear infections. Please sell them in Canada."
T. Diabiase, Brampton, Ontario


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