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Baby Wear

Bétta's Baby Wear

Bétta's baby clothes were created with the desire to watch your baby grow from birth, and to stay close to you. Our goal was to create products that are comfortable for babies and easy for moms and dads to use as they grow and change. The carefully crafted packaging is perfect for home use or as a gift.


Authentic quality for your baby's first touch. Made of highly functional natural Yamamayuga silk and cotton hybrids. These baby wears are soft and gentle on your baby's skin. Made in Japan for peace of mind and safety and available in four different types of fabrics to match your items.


Simply cover your baby's body from top to bottom by covering his or her head. It can be used from the time your baby starts weaning until he or she is about 2 years old, which makes eating more and more fun. A cute apron for meals that combines fashion and functionality.


For all occasions from casual to formal! 360-degree coverage even when the baby is moving around. This reversible bib is a stylish and cute bib that can be reversed.

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