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Straw mug

“I wish I had a Bétta mug.”
Created from user feedback.

We have received many requests from Bétta's baby bottle users and have started development! After many twists and turns over the years, Bétta's "Circus One" straw mug was born. The first communication with your baby is "cuddling". How many cuddles will we be able to give our babies for just a few years? Parents want to cuddle their babies more times than they can count. We want to support such an important holding time for parents and children. Bétta, Carrie Me! In 2010, we added a size adjustment function. Bétta wants to give you the time of your life through a lot of support for your baby.

What we envisioned was a "circus" filled with fun dreams. We wanted to create a design that would spark your kids' imaginations every time they used it.

Simple & Easy Construction

The straw mug is designed to be easy to wash so that you can always keep your straw mug clean. The Bétta straw mug is easy to disassemble and assemble.

Age: From around 7 to 8 months when they are used to being weaned
Capacity: 200ml

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