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Woody Bétta

Touch, smell, and feel the wood. 〜 Woody Bétta

Bétta's wish for Woody Bétta

It is made of Japanese wood

All Woody Bétta products are "Eco-Friendly Products", which means that all the wood ends, including the thinnings, are used without any waste, even the knots. The warmth of wood, which is casually but surely present in our daily lives. Woody Bétta's products are made with the hope that the smell of wood will raise awareness of Japan's forests.

Project to Protect Forests

We’re sure you've heard about it at least once. Various anomalies and harms caused by global warming... The Kyoto Protocol states that Japan's greenhouse gas reduction target is 6%. And the target for the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the country's forests is 3.8 percent. In order to achieve this goal, the Forestry Agency is promoting a national project to actively use domestically produced timber to grow and revitalize the country's forests in a healthy manner.

What is thinning?

Thinning" refers to the thinning of trees that become denser as the forest grows. Thinning is a very important "nurturing work" to keep the forest alive. Thinning ensures that mature trees do not overlap next to each other and receive enough sunlight to grow strong. When light reaches the earth, the undergrowth becomes an easier environment to grow, and it is believed to help prevent landslides. The wood resulting from this thinning is called "thinned wood". Thinned wood" was born out of "work to grow the forest". Betta hopes that many people will be made aware of its existence.

Bétta baby bottles Stand (Star)
Bétta baby bottles Stand (Star)
Bétta Insect Repellent Block
Bétta Insect Repellent Block
Bétta Insect Repellent Plate (Rompers)
Bétta Insect Repellent Plate (Rompers)
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